Image from Marriage-Ability

Playwright: KelsyAnne Schoenhaar
Director: Heather Renken and KelsyAnne Schoenhaar
Year: 2016

Marriage-Ability (February 5-20, 2016)

Encore presents their newest musical comedy - thoroughly examining marriage and relationships through the lenses of people with disabilities.  Songs range from a traditional stance on love and relationships to the less conventional in a song about cheating.  Songs include:  Love Divine, I Don’t Know Why I Married You, Er’body Gettin’ Crazy Tonight (a polka), Everything’s OK Now, Don’t Go To Bed Angry (blues) and People with Disabilities Shouldn’t Get Married. (Reggae)


February 5-20, 2016

Note: Historical detail provided by MadStage.

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    Encore Studio for the Performing Arts is the only professional theatre company for people with disabilities in the state of Wisconsin, and one of the very few in the United States! Encore offers an innovative, inclusive, and professional environment where all people work together in the pursuit of artistic and theatrical excellence.
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