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Image from You Name It

You Name It
This Encore original focuses on Brodie, a support provider for people with disabilities. His job is rewarding, frustrating, often chaotic, sometimes dangerous—and rarely appreciated. Brodie’s sister,… Read More»



Acts to Grind IV
Acts to Grind IV is series of new, original shorts written by KelsyAnne Schoenhaar with Jon Meister and Sarah Jo Schoenhaar.  Come with us as we journey through a surreal funeral, visit a convent… Read More»


Image from Not Always A Parent

Not Always A Parent
Often blamed for a child’s behaviors and disabilities, this production examines historic elements of the challenges bestowed upon parents and those that support children and adults with disabilities,… Read More»



Found Money
In life, you win some, you lose some—often when you least expect it. What happens when someone’s typo becomes your saving grace? Do you contact the proper authorities or hope no one notices? Prepare… Read More»


Image from Acts To Grind III

Acts To Grind III
A collection of new, original works (with the exception of one scene from our 2001 season). Including: “Revelations”: A Convent of Discovery “A New Election”: Intermezzos - a new… Read More»


Image from 9-1-1

9-1-1! is a collection of stories, some fact and some fiction, about people with disabilities interacting with the emergency response system. “The vignettes presented feature everything from head wounds… Read More»



Image from Tidings…from the Seasonally Affected

Tidings…from the Seasonally Affected
The year: 1977. The town: Sycamore, Ill. So ... what’s so good about the holiday season? This is precisely the question Sam ponders as she faces her first season outside an institution. Sycamore was… Read More»


Image from Voices

Voices is a collection of new and revived work performed in Hurron, South Dakota. The performance covers everything from miscommunication, excessive diversity, an organist with a plan to take over, pop… Read More»


Acts to Grind II
Beginning their 10th Season, Encore is producing a combination of some of its oldest and newest short work. KelsyAnne Schoenhaar, Artistic Director and author of Real Life and Walk with a Vampire along… Read More»


Image from The Green Room

The Green Room
A farcical romp of what the audience never sees; the drama behind the drama. Read More»


Image from Lost Track

Lost Track
What would it be like to have your reality change at a moment’s notice?  To lose all sense of who and what you are?  Lost Track explores bi-polar disorder in this sometimes serious, often… Read More»



Walk with a Vampire
Based on a true story, Walk with a Vampire explores the sometimes-harrowing experiences of Sarah, a person with a high functioning developmental disability. In the height of drama, Sarah implicates her… Read More»


Image from Real Life

Real Life
Asperger’s Syndrome and high-functioning autism are tightly woven in the fabric of Encore Studio.  Several of our very talented actors find themselves within “the spectrum” of autism, as does…… Read More»


Image from Found Money

Found Money
In life, you win some, you lose some; often, when you least expect it. It’s what makes life and Found Money interesting. Prepare yourself for a farcical romp of riches and extortion in Encore’s… Read More»

Image from Lost Track

Lost Track
What would it be like to have your reality change at a moment’s notice? To lose all sense of who and what you are?  The story is about Danny (Leah Steele), who discovers she has bipolar disorder… Read More»

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    Encore Studio for the Performing Arts is the only professional theatre company for people with disabilities in the state of Wisconsin, and one of the very few in the United States! Encore offers an innovative, inclusive, and professional environment where all people work together in the pursuit of artistic and theatrical excellence.
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