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Robbie Morris
Robbie joined the Encore repertory company in Spring of 2017. Mr. Morris made his debut in "Draconia" sharing his gift of unmatched expressivity. (view more)

Dawn Cieszynski
Dawn has been an Encore! company actor since 2005. She enjoys being an advocate for people with “dis” abilities. Dawn considers herself blessed to be able to live and work her passion that is theatre.… (view more)

Sarah “Rosie” Katz
Ms. Katz brings years of experience to the stage as a veteran actor with Young Shakespeare Players in Madison. She likes to be in the spotlight, but is comfortable working backstage as well. (view more)

Austin Wiedenbeck
Austin began his tenure as a repertory company actor in 2016. Austin brings a tremendous energy to the work he does as he has been acting since he was very young. He is at home… (view more)

Steve Woodson
Steve has been working at Encore since 2001. He began his career with us as one of Encore's core actors. Now, Steve works primarily in the area of light and sound tech, but does occasionally… (view more)

Rikki Christman
Mr. Christman joined the Encore repertory company in the summer of 2014 and has hit the ground running. He already has long list of roles and has taken on other backstage duties. (view more)

Leda Tyson
New to Encore in 2014, Leda is a dynamic physical actor who adds color to every scene she is in. Dynamic and professional; we are proud to have Ms. Tyson in our repertory company. (view more)

Dylan Schroud
Mr. Schroud is a dynamic physical actor and an experienced playwright. He began his tenure as a an Encore repertory company actor in the fall of 2013. We are very lucky to have him in… (view more)

Christie Stadele
Ms. Stadele joined Encore in 2001 and hasn't looked back. An actor with an amazing memory and perfect pitch, Christie has taken on some Encore's most challenging roles. Past roles include Linda in Real Life,… (view more)

Joe Wahlers
Since 2001, Joe Wahlers has rocked the stage! Past roles include Charles in Real Life, David in You Name It! and Pizon in The Green Room . (view more)

Randy Sands
Randy joined Encore in 2005 and has enjoyed expressing himself artistically. Past roles includeThe Drummer in You Name It! and Xzibit in Idiot’s Box, Vince in Extra Cheese and "The Bookman"in Real Life. (view more)

James Roatch
James made his Encore debut in the fall of 2008 playing the role of Pete in Walk with a Vampire. Since then he has been a part of many Encore productions. James is also an… (view more)

Corin Reilly
Corin has been with Encore since early 2001. Since he began his tenure with Encore, he has made a strong impact in many compelling roles. Past roles include Colin in Real Life, Corin in Communication… (view more)

Jennifer Kopp
Jenny was one of the founding repertory cast members of Encore and her work continues to get stronger each season. Past roles include Casey in You Name It!, Lisa in Real Life, Element L in… (view more)

Robert Dudzik
Rob joined our repertory company in 2010. Since then he has performed in many roles including the title character in "Dap Man" - a short from Acts to Grind IV, (view more)

Robin Parks
Robin's history with Encore goes all the way back to the beginning in the year 2000. She worked with us on a limited basis as her day job was working as a direct support professional… (view more)

Bill Freeman
Bill has been a member of the Encore troupe since 2006. Coming from a theatrical family, Bill has spent many hours honing his craft by immersing himself in the world of classic films and musical… (view more)

Connie Alsum
After studying Psychology at the UW-Whitewater Connie joined Encore in July of 2004 and after several months of arduous commuting she moved to Madison in 2005. She has since performed in every Encore production including… (view more)

Bill Kornblum
Bill began his career as an actor. He made his debut in Real Life and also performed in Walk with a Vampire and Lost Track. He flexed his muscles in Lost Track by helping back… (view more)


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